About Principia Technology

Principia Technology was founded in 2020 by Dr Jason Konrath, with the vision of using technology and scientific knowledge to improve human movement. Named after Sir Isaac Newton’s book ‘The Principia’, which described the universal laws of motion. These laws of motion form the foundations of Biomechanics. Principia specialise in motion capture technologies that allow biomechanical assessment in any environment without the need for a laboratory. This enables real world applications to be performed in peoples natural environments.

About Dr Jason Konrath

Dr Jason Konrath is a former IFBB Australian bodybuilding champion and holds a PhD in Biomechanics, as well as a degree in Exercise and Health Science. He has an extensive background in both research and fitness coaching in a variety of elite sports from all over the world. He was previously the Scientific Advisor for the Indian men’s hockey team, strength and conditioning coach with West Australian Rugby, and has advised many other sporting teams across hockey and football. He has a proven track record of exercise prescription to improve conditioning, strength and power, speed and agility, movement competencies and rehabilitation for elite performance and injury prevention.

Jason is an expert in Biomechanics and has published his research in many top tier Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Journals. He is the recipient of awards from the International Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, the Asia Pacific Knee Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Society, and the European College of Sports Science. He has mastered many state of the art technologies in motion capture, muscle activation and force analysis. Jason has a strong background in sensor-based motion capture and worked previously with Xsens Technologies in the Netherlands, the leading innovator of 3D motion tracking technology. In addition to this, he is an expert in musculoskeletal modelling, having the capability to estimate muscle forces and joint contact forces during human movement.

Principia Jason Konrath